14 December 2015

FEATURE POST: Laser Tag is “Childish”? Think Again

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Laser Tag is “Childish”? Think Again

Many people think that playing laser tag is “childish”, and that it is no longer suitable for “grownups”, but is that really true? Do people really grow out of their childhood fantasies? Is it true that you can become “too old” for laser tag? Of course not. If you meet someone who tells you that you should stop playing this “kids’ game” then here are some of the things that you should say in return.

Laser tag helps relieve stress

What could be more therapeutic than making your childhood fantasies come to life? If you are a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other sci-fi show (if you aren’t then shame on you!) then you might have fantasized about taking part in a fierce laser-infused battle at least once in your life.

Even if you are an adult with responsibilities, it is actually quite refreshing to let go of your worries even for just a couple of hours and revert back to your childhood. Back to the times when things were simpler, and all you wanted to do was to blast away your enemies using a high-powered laser rifle. After a couple of rounds of laser tag with your mates, you will find that your mind is suddenly refreshed and ready to face all of the challenges that lie ahead of you.

You will get some much needed exercise

If your work requires you to sit in front of a computer screen all day then your muscles might soon deteriorate because of lack of activity. Of course, you can just hit the gym after office hours, but really, who has enough mental energy left to force themselves to work out after a tiring day? Not everyone can motivate themselves to change into their gym clothes and hop on the treadmill. However, you can usually make people become more active if you place a laser rifle in their hands and tell them to shoot anything that moves.

Although laser tag matches are just fifteen minutes each, the sheer amount of physical activities that you will be doing (running, ducking into corners, climbing stairs, etc.) will have you sweating more than you ever thought you could.

After just a couple rounds of brisk laser tag battles, you would get enough exercise to make you more energetic and much more focused than you were before. Even though you are just “playing”, you are also getting a good physical and mental workout.

So, if you are planning a birthday party, or any kind of event for that matter, you should seriously consider holding it in a laser tag arena. Grab your phone, get in touch with the nearest Laser Extreme laser tag arena, and let them show you how you can make your childhood fantasies come alive.

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