25 August 2011

Ang Tanong...

isang linggo nang walang client si BoyShiatsu. at wala rin nag-e-email. ano kaya ang ibig sabihin nito?

ayaw ba ng mga client na hiv advocate ang masahista nila?

may bago na bang BoyShiatsu na pakalat-kalat online?

hindi ba satisfied ang mga clients kaya walang encore performance?

tuluyan na bang nagtagumpay ang mga masasamang loob na gustong ibagsak ang ating bida?

ano ang gagawin ni BoyShiatsu tungkol dito?

magiging matagumpay kaya sya sa kanyang misyon?

at kailan ba talaga gagaling mula sa kung anu-anong operasyon si GMA? (pero, actually, sana wag na sya gumaling! bwahahaha!)



  1. di ba mas mabuti kaya na HIV advocate yung masahista? mas safe yun! ☺

  2. nagtitipid ang parokyano para sa long vacation... hehehehe... pero yaan mo, after vacation, sasakit ang mga muscles nila at mangangailangan sila ng serbisyo sibil mo... hehehehe

  3. hi marvin here, kunin kita pa g andyan na ako, pero me isang fren nagsabi you dont answer daw email, he tried several times

  4. tutuo naman eh...hwag na umasa....

  5. O sige, getsing na kita. Paano magpa booking? Hihihi!

  6. pwede dito sa HK? sagot ko nga lang ang local food and accommodations.

    hihi, in fairness, halos ikaw na ang kabuuan ng post na ito... sana gumaling nga lamang si GMA dahil she needs to pay for her debts, in jail.

  7. i stopped sending kenneth e-mail because he would not answer hayz..

  8. Brian, exactly! naisip ko rin na makakabuti kung advocate ang masseur. hmmm...

    Juan, lintek na long weekend yan! panira ng business! ahahaha!

    hi Marvin! kindly tell your friend to re-send the email. kasi i make it a point to reply to ALL emails, as in! or better yet, give me his email address na lang.

    Mr. Tutuo, habang may buhay, may pag-asa!

    Ms. Chuniverse, email mo ako! boyshiatsu@yahoo.com

    Kiks, wala pa akong passport, huhuhuhu...

    Mr. Email, please resend.

  9. Kim Chiu? Binondo Girl, ikaw ba yan? :p

  10. wow bungga si miss chuniverse isa ko pang idolo sa pagbloblog hahaha is din palng reader ni boyshitzu hehehe:>:>

  11. there's a new blog w/ young masseurs in line...and the PF is client friendly.:-)
    review your template na kenneth.:-) may competition na sa market ngaun.

  12. you know why?!?


    these kinds of entries...you sound so pathetic.

    Mamimili lang ang kliente mo...either they would think that you sound so desperate or kunin ka na lang nila because of awa.

    At talagang nakuha mo pang sisihin ang detractors mo...e ikaw mismo un! Think about it! ;)

    I am an avid reader of yours....but after your "booming" interview with MGG...nag iba ka....baka jinx un syo instead of luck.

    My apologies...am just trying to help u....Let us go back to the simple Kenneth we all knew ok?

  13. Hi Kenneth!

    I hired you once, hindi na naulit.

    It's not because I had an unpleasant time, because I didn't, but I have to say, for me, there are some reasons why I have decided to not hire you anymore. Okay granted I don't usually go for paid sex anyway and I merely tried hiring you out of curiosity, as I imagined some of your other customers also did, and I guess there lies the first problem: I satisfied my curiosity. After hiring you and after being showered with the "Boy Shiatsu Experience" (which by the way is kind of off-putting, it makes the whole thing about you as opposed to being about the customer)there is nothing left to explore. Reading your thoughts in this blog and having you in bed felt like such a complete experience that there's nothing more to look forward to.

    Then, and just to backpedal a bit on my aside earlier, you do have the tendency to be about "me me me". Most of your stories revolved around you. In your blog of course that is to be expected, but even when you were with customers, or me at least, you talk about yourself quite a bit. Like five minute stretches. I imagine not everyone goes for something like that. Perhaps it would help if you'd be more interested about what the customer may have to say about himself, show/pretend that you care about what they're blabbering about, or heck, even sense if the customer wants to chat at all. For the record I enjoyed the chat, I just felt it was far too long, and was mostly about you.

    The last thing, and for me this was the deal breaker, you shared with me one thing that made me feel so utterly and completely a customer (sure, that's what I was, but I was paying for an "experience", as you would say, so I guess it won't hurt if there's a little bit of fantasy thrown into it, like you somehow make me feel you're into me). I won't share what it is, I don't want for people to assume things so I will just say: energy drink. I guess it shouldn't really hurt that you have to do it, but do I really have to know about it? No. The Xian Lim entry also didn't help you one bit. Now everyone who's going to hire you who has read that will go: he's totally thinking of some random celebrity right now. This is paid sex. I don't imagine that's enjoyable for anyone.

    Paid sex is mostly about illusions and getting out of what's real. It's about having a really gorgeous guy, who wouldn't give you the time of the day otherwise but who is now in bed with you (albeit for a price). Or it's about doing things that you wouldn't dream of doing with your actual partner, lest he gets disgusted or offended, or both. With your blog, where we read about your thoughts, your everyday life, and most significantly your trade, it kind of dilutes the fantasy. Maybe some of us see you now as just another gay dude whom we could've just dated, or bumped into at the mall and had quickie sex with, or worst, an amiga whom we hang out to eat with at swanky restaurants and have coffee with, and not necessarily someone we would pay to have sex with. You might say that's terribly unfair, to be objectified like that, but it comes with the job description I'm afraid.

    This is all intended as constructive feedback on how you do what you do (which probably makes it all the more too real, I apologize) but take however you want to take it. I wish you'd get out of this slump and start earning again.

    All the best.

  14. nice review. i hope kenneth will have time to ponder all the things that the former client had said.

    one more advice: your tirade against GMA is uncalled for. so UNCHRISTIAN. my father told me that there are three things or topics that you should not open when you are trying to please a group of people ( i hope you are trying to please us,your readers and not the ME, ME and ME syndrome) - SPORTS, RELIGION and POLITICS.

    just my two cent worth of advice.

    i am still a fan.

  15. P3rishable, binondo girl talaga? ahahaha!

    Mr PF, yes, aware ako sa ika nga eh competition. okay lang yun! ganun talaga!

    Mr. THIS and Mr. Hire Me Once, i totally get your point, and it's good to hear it from people like you. tinamaan ako dun sa sinasabi nyo na it's all about me. siguro nga naging sakit ko yun, na ang tendency ko is to tell stories about me dahil there are some instances na the client won't tell stories about themselves. thanks for hitting my head with a stone. your comments totally opened my mind to another angle of what is happening. i didn't see this angle before kasi nga naman i consult people who have the tendency to sugarcoat whatever they will say to make me feel better. but these raw comments hit the target on the mark. maraming maraming salamat po. definitely, will take this into consideration. help me go back to the simple Kenneth that i used to be. now, as for the blog entries... to be honest, i am really confused on what to do here. should i stick to the concept of the blog which is to tell stories in my own point of view, or should i shy away from it and instead write as "pleasurable" as possible so i won't end up offending clients, diluting fantasies, and hurting feelings. this one, i must say, needs more thinking on my side. but then again, sobrang maraming salamat sa comments nyo, it really mattered a lot.

    Mr. Nice Review, will look into that as well. salamat.

  16. HI Boy Shiatsu. Are you also entertaining transactions through Yahoo! Messenger? In'add kasi kita sa YM. Thanks.

  17. this is in response to mr anonymous 1149am. yes, i do somehow agree with your points. i've also tried boy but will not go back in the near future unless i have tons of extra cash.

    one major consideration ko is talent fee - medyo pricey but agreed to meet up and do it for the sake of experience.

    the massage is good but could be better, the sex is just ok, unless di nya mo ako type kaya oks oks lang.

    i've been to a lot of spas both pwede male or female ang therapist. i discovered this spa in galleria, mahusay yung nakuha kong male masseur, walang extra, legitimate and i had a wonderful massage without breaking my wallet, total price Php 600.00 inclusive of tip.

    Now, boy, compare that with your price, i will not mention here but hope you'll see the difference.

  18. medyo out yata si 1216 AM- this is sex-- ergo 2K is standard ( massage and sex with the main goal being sex ), kung massage lang ang gusto mo, spa quality for relaxation ang MAIN GOAL then sa iba ka dapat magpunta, as to 2K yan ang standard rate- kumbaga minimum wage rate yan-- mga sisters--- sa mga rent boys website , massage parlor sa kamuning area- 2 K ang standard, symepre di mo pwde compare sa hada ng mga kanto boys or kapitbahay kasi mga yan 500 lang pwde na , you have to put things in perspective as far as rate is concern, as to kenneth having fantasy, ganun din naman tayong beki di ba, we dont hire ugly fat men, we dont have sex sa old pangit na guys kahit pa free,gawin mo man yun , i am sure the beki will think of dingdong dantes, so wag naman masyadong onion skin--- as u said paid sex lang ito, di mo naman jowa yan


  19. correct ka dyan, marvin. there is no reason to compare the talent fee of a sex worker like kenneth with that of a legitimate masseur. first, extra service is not involve with that legitimate masseur. second, the intention of getting kenneth is different from that of the legitimate masseur. third, a good commodity comes with a good price. take it or leave it. no one is forcing you to hire him. and pls dont compare an apple to an orange.

  20. Hi Kenneth,

    With what I have read in the last five comments, I just felt the need to hit the keyboard and type. At the outset, allow me to say that I am probably in no position to rebut the arguments made by those who stated their views earlier,only because I have not experienced your brand of massage yet. But I have been a regular habitue of spa's and MP's. I have probably tried all spa's and mp's in the makati, manila, QC area as I have made those places my second home (oa ung second home...but that's the point am trying to make).

    When you hire a masseur (be it in the mp's or from the web), it's always a hit or miss thing (and am merely borrowing the words of an MP guru in the now defunct MGG thread). Even in your case, when you have already bared your soul in this blog and to a considerable degree, your clients already know you, I think that it's still hit or miss. There are a lot of factors why. And I can think of some: (1) What applies to one client may not apply to the next. One Anonymous comment stated that you talked a lot about yourself, and hinted that he would have appreciated it if you were more interested in the client rather than in yourself. That is a no-no for me. I always prefer it that the masseur talks about himself (not the heavy stuff..but anything light about himself). I do not want being asked during the massage. I hate it when I am asked where I came from or what my work is or any personal information. (ii) The different levels of ES expectataions. Some prefer that the masseur act like their lovers or something. Personally, I am not delusional. I look at it as a business transaction. You pay for sex, then paid sex you get. Sex is a need, something like food or water. If you want a lover, look for love. Sadly, you can't have it for 2k, with a masseur, on the first night that you saw each other. (iii) satisfaction in a massage is also about mood and timing. Not of the masseur. Oftentimes, of the client. I think that chemistry also plays a great deal, that is, ompatibility in bed. I have friends telling me that this massseur is great, but when I try him, the experience just didnt blow my mind.

    On a personal note, I truly appreciate it that you actually took time to answer a less than satisfied client, and took all the blame, instead of passing it on. You could easily come up with a thousand and one reasons, but opted to accept it head on. You admitted the "alleged fault" which in my opinion was not a "fault" actually. And after admitting, you went farther by thanking the client.

    In my book, you rose one notch higher. Accepting fault and being thankful about it is laudable. I do not know you from Adam, but I have a nagging supicion that you are actually a good person. One of these days, when my schedule permits, I am going to e-mail you. JAN