16 June 2011


and so i spent a portion of my day today having a kulit text conversation with Migs (THE Manila Gay Guy). thru the course of our conversation, he left me two messages that really stuck in my mind. this is the first one.

"you don't have to be liked by the general market. you just need to be known by the market that values that rare combination [of looks and wits]. trick is to get yourself in front of those people"

what exactly are we talking about? (assuming that you still didn't get the topic by looking at the title or reading Migs's statement)

(later in our conversation, i found out that he is actually into the marketing business!).

"marketing what?" you may ask. let's start from the beginning...




a few days after i guested (thru a phone call) in the famous fabcast (whee! i can't wait to hear my voice!), Migs asked me how i was. so, typical blah-blahs and funny side comments from time to time followed, until he asked me what i do now for a living besides being a masseur. i told him that since i had sore eyes and was not allowed to report for training for two days, i was pulled out of training and is slated to be a part of the next training batch, whenever it may be, as long as i present a fit to work certificate (yes, even if training for next batch will commence a month after my sore eyes, i will still need to present fit to work certificate!). so, as of the moment, my "sideline" as a masseur is my only source of income. but, actually, it's been almost a month since my last client, so imagine how the hell i am dealing with fund shortage.

Migs was a little surprised (i think) when i told him that i haven't had clients for quite some time, stating that he thinks i am a good combination of looks (ehem, thank you!) and wits, emphasizing on my ability to carry a sensible conversation.

"how i wish that there are actually clients who are after a good balance of looks, sense, and massage skills. but that is not what the general market is looking for. they're more of looks and body."

"you don't have to be liked by the general market. you just need to be known by the market that values that rare combination. trick is to get yourself in front of those people"

he also mentioned that instead of marketing myself as a masseur, why not market myself as an escort.

escort. nice!

actually, that's what i prefer to be labeled. an escort.

and i know what you, the readers, will ask next. what is the difference between an escort and a masseur?

and that is the exact reason why i ended up marketing myself as a masseur.

in my own words, a masseur is, obviously, someone who offers massage. an escort, on the other hand, is someone who can be a companion in a gathering, event, or any social activity. for both "professions," sex is optional and is upon consent of the masseur or the escort.

so, why is it the the gay community now thinks that masseurs and escorts are the same?

simple... marketing!

we have been exposed to the male prostitution market online thru websites that have quoted us rent boys as "masseurs" when in fact, only a small portion of these guys know how to massage. it became a mask so as to avoid using the words "rent boy" or "sex worker" or "gigolo," maybe for the reason that these terms are give aways that these guys can actually be paid for sex. "escort" would have been a good term. it doesn't sound liberated, and it sounds professional. but thanks to Keanna Reeves, the term "escort" has been associated to pure sex for money, removing the "being conversational" and "being a good companion" from the job description. running out of words, they ended up with "masseurs" (maybe because of those rumors before that massage therapists in wensha are actually offering extra service).

so how does this affect me?

i can say that my strength is my conversation-oriented disposition. i am proud to say that we can talk about almost anything under the sun and you won't be bored (i hope you're not getting bored as you continue reading, or else my last statement is a lie!). it's easy for me to adapt to different personalities from different walks of life and not fall short. i'm a type of guy that you can bring in a gathering and introduce to your friends, and you need not be worried that your friends will talk behind your back, commenting on the stranger that you just introduced like "ano yan, probinsyano?" or "ano ba yan! bobo!" we can sit in a coffee house and talk about the latest happenings in the country, or we can simply stay in your place, have popcorn and dvd, and discuss about random stuff.

i may not have drop dead looks, or uber-hot body, but like what i always jokingly say... my mind can make you cum! (haha!). i can say i can definitely be, for lack of better words, an amazing escort.

but, does this matter? unfortunately... no!

the gay community who follows the masseur industry cares about one thing... physical appearance. they don't care if you cannot differentiate a noun from a verb, or cannot calculate how much change they will get after they ask you to purchase two bottles of beer. they don't care if you can't speak your mind, or if your only vocabulary everytime you're in a party is "sir," "yes," "no," or "cr lang po ako." as long as you have killer looks, killer abs, and killer dick (or more killers, for some), you're a far better option.

am i sourgraping? a little, i must say.
am i envious? a little, i must say.
why? because my business is affected... and not just a little... A LOT!

it's like what nokia did to the handset market before, having everyone think that nokia is the best handset when, in fact, other handset brands are better.

it's like having everyone think that only safeguard removes 99.99% of germs when, in fact, dove can also do the same (and you''ll even have softer skin after one wash... feeling mo nga lang hindi pa sapat yung pagbabanlaw mo)

the way that the gay community embraced the market of male prostitution has set a substandard standard of how sex workers should be. the way that they have brainwashed us that being an escort is just about having a handsome face and six-pack abs erased the real meaning of what an escort is. and, let's accept it, in the world of male prostitution in the gay community, being different in the standard is synonymous to being substandard, and being a substandard means you're crossed out of the options. lucky for those who stay in the list, but not for those who are eliminated... just like, most of the time, me.

whenever that time that sex workers beyond the norms make a name and be recognized, i don't know. as of now, i have no choice but to continue struggling in the business that only has their vision in one set of standards and ignore whatever they have in their peripheral vision.

"you don't have to be liked by the general market. you just need to be known by the market that values that rare combination. trick is to get yourself in front of those people"

i shall keep this thought in mind and hope that with this blog, i can find my target market and make a success out of it.

oh... before i forgot... the second message that stuck in my mind.

"dahil sa'yo, muntik na madisband ang fabcasters!"

why? i don't know. let's just wait for Migs to post the fabcast!

and why is this entry in english, btw? one word... marketing!


  1. nice!! galing mu tlga... actually.. i see u as a good masseur,,,peru nqqta q din n mganda ung future mu as a writter...hinintay q lagi ung mga nagong issue mu...para kng bob ong..peru ang difference.. u touch the life of the gay community!!

    sana nbbsa din ng ibng masseur to..to get not only a tip but also an inspiration ...nice nice.... i like u boy shiatsu

  2. i cant really explain what i felt upon reading all of your post. i felt the connection of reality and fantasy through you shiatsu. i really look forward that one day i can talk to you and look through you. if only there is a medium of talking to you, i would gladly consider it. ill be anonymous until you decide not be one also.

  3. Anonymous 1 -- salamat at nakikita mo yun. and na-touch naman ako when you mentioned that i can be an inspiration. salamat salamat salamat po

    Anonymous 2 -- my identity is not really that anonymous anymore. in fact, quite a lot of people already know how i look like. and later, you will all know how i sound like (i can't wait for the fabcast!). you can reach me thru email boyshiatsu@yahoo.com

    Anonymous 3 -- thanks!

  4. good job nmn boy shiatsu.. keep it up.. you're a man of substance.. :)

  5. is that email your yahoo messenger email?

  6. I will tell you this, I get a lot of inquiries from visiting foreigners (and some rich gay men) who actually ask me about escorts and not masseurs. Foriegners usually look for escorts that they can hire for a couple of days that will tour them and tag along to the beach resorts (boracay etc) so that they have a companion that will speak the native language. The rich gay men on the other hand look for escorts that they can show off in functions or just have a decent conversation with... remember that not everyone's idea of foreplay is a sensual massage, it could also be a mindfuck. :D

  7. Boy, OA lang si Migs sa kanyang mga text messages. Marketing lang niya yun para sa Fabcast, hahaha. =)

  8. Tony -- introduce me to those people! ahahahaha!

  9. "it's like having everyone think that only safeguard removes 99.99% of germs when, in fact, dove can also do the same (and you''ll even have softer skin after one wash... feeling mo nga lang hindi pa sapat yung pagbabanlaw mo)"

    This works for me in so many levels. hahaha!